Look What’s Sprouting Up This Spring!

When I scribed my Ever-Blooming book series last year, I never imagined I’d be afforded the opportunity to share my love for God and gardening on a local radio station, but alas such a joyous occassion did so blossom! Thanks to social media, my rose gardening books sprouted and managed to land me not one, but two invitations to share in my love for roses and what God is teaching me through them.


Jim Driskell and Carrie Turner (aka C.R. Truelove)

Today, I was interviewed by  York, Pennsylvania’s  Community 106.1 FM, which will air on April 14th @ 9:30am and 5:30pm and on April 16 at 10am and 4pm. First Lutheran Church of York has been blessed with their own radio station reaching the City of York and her surrounding areas. Pastor Jim Driskell was most hospitable and kind as he exuded his passion for encouraging hurting souls. Apparently, Pastor Driskell and his sound technician enjoyed my interview so much, they invited me to do regular segments on their station regarding my love for God and urban gardening. If you aren’t local, you can listen to Community 106.1’s live stream through their website on the dates and times the show will be aired. If you miss it all together, you could also retrieve archived tapings through their “Sound Cloud” so you won’t miss a thing. Whether you hear the recorded interview in your car, at your desk, or through your phone, our hope is you will be enriched and inspired as you listen. In the meantime, I am humbled and blown away by unexpected delightful surprises sprouting up this Spring!oregold.002.overlay.web

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