The Books

Carrie Renee Turner’s Ever-Blooming Roses book, blog, radio, and magazine series provides a plethora of pictures, rose gardening tips, and inspirational nourishment for the rose lover’s soul!

You’ll be amazed at what can grow when you let God get in your dirt!

Carrie Renee Turner’s first book, Ever-Blooming: Despite Life’s Prickles (ISBN: 9781367442795), provides valuable rose gardening tips that will surely save you not only time and money, but prickly pain!  EBDespiteLifePrickles.cover.7.28.16.jpgLearn how to care for you beloved roses – including how to pick out a healthy rose, how to address fungi, pests, and weeds as well as how to train climbing roses. Throughout the pages and pictures of this innovative and helpful book, Carrie shares her journey in this garden called life and the wisdom she’s gleaned from some thorny choices. A must read for ever-blooming women or those new to growing roses!

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In book two of Carrie Renee Turner’s Ever-Blooming series, Ever-Blooming: During the Good, the Bad, and the Bugly (ISBN: 9781367447172), you will learn all about the various bugs that may infest your rose garden, how to treat such insects, as well as how to create a host environment. Throughout the 54 pages of this informative book, learn not only how to organically treat what infests your rose garden, but how to treat what infests your soul!