Stepping Things Up

whitepicketindoorstepsAs I perused the internet to assist me in planning out an updated look for my back porch, which overlooks my rose garden, I stumbled upon the creative idea of using white picket fence spindles as the railing. Although I am only researching changes to the outdoor of my home at the moment, these indoor steps certainly invoked my imagination. Much to my husband’s demise, my home decor is adopting more and more of a rose cottage look due to my obvious obsession with roses. Naturally, this idea inspired me.

Equally intriguing is the idea of placing rose wall paper along the back treads of the steps. How charming! wallpaperedstepsMy husband may disagree, however. When it comes to roses, home decor, and planning out my garden, I tend to elaborately dream. Unfortunately, my husband lacks such creativity because he knows he will be the one making such dreams come true. Indeed, Pinterest could be the demise of many marriages! Ha!

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