Christopher Columbus Discovered a Rose

“The rose played a significant part in the discovery of America. It was on October 11,1492, that Columbus and his weary crew, while becalmed in the frightening Sargasso Sea, picked out of the water a rose branch bright with red hips. It was this that gave seafarers the courage to continue their voyage to the New World” -The Magic World of Roses, Matthew A.R. Bassity


A large rose hip weighs heavily on a Texas rose cane.

How The Rose Became Our National Flower

A little history lesson on how the rose became our national flower.

The Redneck Rosarian

cropped-img_20111001_110923.jpg Veterans Honor – Pope John Paul II

All the world loves a rose, so it was no surprise to me that an entire month is set aside to celebrate the world’s most beloved flower. June is National Rose Month.

Did you know that in 1986 President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation making the rose our “National Floral Emblem”? Many think of it as our national flower or America’s Flower.

Now, this was not the first time a resolution was put forth to designate a national flower. In 1965, Everett Dirksen, statesman from Illinois introduced senate joint resolution 19 which would designate the American Marigold as our National Floral Emblem. Apparently, it did not gather much steam, and in 1967 was put forth again with a recommendation that it again be sent to the committee of the judiciary for implementation. In his remarks, he sets the marigold on a high pedestal…

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