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In recent years, various opportunities have manifested allowing Carrie to speak at and or lead worship at ladies teas, various faith-based events, or even at church services. CarrieframeEventually, seeds were planted in Carrie’s heart to further make herself available to share her love for Yahweh/God, spiritual truths He’s revealed to her, as well as her passion for roses by speaking at various ladies’ events throughout the country or wherever Yah/God leads.

Carrie Renee Turner’s ‘Ever-Blooming Roses’ message encourages women to be overcomers in this garden of life! After overcoming prickly circumstances in her 20’s and 30’s, Carrie’s experiences were the catalyst to developing and ongoing deep love for her Savior and best friend, Yeshua HaMaschiach/ Jesus Christ. Through it all, the Holy Spirit/Ruach HaKodesh used Carrie’s rose garden as a means to reveal spiritual truths unto her. Now in her early 40’s and ever-blooming, Carrie has a heart of compassionate love for women entangled in the weeds of life… women needing times of refreshing…women needing hope and an ever-blooming future in Christ!


Why not contact Carrie today to come speak at your church or organization’s event? Do you have an upcoming ladies tea or other women’s ministry event you need a speaker for? Perhaps your ladies’ Bible study group, ladies’ Sunday/Sabbath School, or other service could use a fresh fragrance of Christ?! If you are looking for a Spirit-led word of encouragement with or without worship, feel free to reach out to Carrie.  With her books, magazine, bookmarks, and note card sets available to purchase, Carrie’s Ever-Blooming Roses products are a treat for flourishing women!


Carrie lives in Kemah, Texas (just southeast of Houston). Depending on where your event is located, she can either drive or fly with host churches/organizations covering her travel expenses. To contact Carrie, please submit the following form…



Here are some lovely decorating ideas for a rose theme ladies event…


To learn how to make roses out of napkins, check out this simple video tutorial..



“You’ll be amazed at what can grow when you let God get in your dirt!”

-Carrie Renee Turner